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Ficus Lyrata


Also knows as: fiddle leaf fig

Family: Moraceae

Native to: lowland tropical rainforest of the Western Africa, from Cameroon west to Sierra Leone

Light conditions: needs bright, filtered light; plants that are kept too dark will fail to grow rapidly

Humidity: it likes normal room humidity

Misting: mist around the plant and not directly on the leaves

Toxicity: toxic

Air purifying: yes! It is among the very best houseplants for purifying indoor air

Easy to grow? not as easy as ficus elastica but if you get the conditions right (see above) it will grow well



Interesting fact: when fiddle leaf fig trees grow outside, they produce flowers that are pollinated by fig wasps. Only the outdoor ones are capable of producing flowers and fruit so if you grow your plant indoor it will not flower


Photo: Fotoknorr


Pot and stand not included


Pot and stand not included

Ficus Lyrata W12cm x H35cm

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