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Plant repotting service

I understand that repotting your houseplants can be a challenging and time-consuming task (depending on the amount of plants you have, of course) so I'm here to help!


Here at Agaplantus, I offer a repotting service. Get in touch and arrange the best time to drop off your plants and I will do the rest! I use only the highest quality soil blends and will choose the right size nursery pot. Your plants will feel happy and we are confident they will thank you by producing new, healthy, beautiful leaves.


Please do not bring in any infected plants without prior agreement. All unhealthy plants can be treated with the right natural solutions and we will help you do that but we need to know that in advance to make sure your plants do not contaminate ours.


Price Guide


Tiny Plant (pot size up to 11cm) - £5.00

Small (pot size 12cm - 15cm) - £7.00

Medium (pot size 16-19cm) - £9.00

Large ( pot size 20cm - 23cm) - £14

Extra large:

24-27cm- £16

28-31cm- £19

32-35cm- £22

36cm and over - £25


Minimum charge- £14 so feel free to bring in a combination of pots.

Disclaimer (please read carefully):

Plants are living organisms, and their appearance and/or growth may be influenced by various factors, including repotting. I do not accept responsibility if the plant starts to shed leaves or if its leaves turn yellow/brown after being repotted. It is natural for a plant to require time to acclimate to new conditions and surroundings. The adjustment period may involve the loss of some leaves before the plant settles in and begins to produce new growth.

I assume responsibility for any damage caused to the plant during the repotting process. In the unlikely event that the plant sustains partial or full damage while being moved to a new pot and soil (though such instances have never occurred), or if it sheds all its leaves, I am committed to compensating for the damage. In such cases, I will provide you with a new plant of a similar size at no cost. You may even have the option to choose from various plants available in my collection :)

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