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I’m Aga and I’m the founder of Agaplantus. It may sound cliché, but I have always been surrounded by plants, animals and nature. As a small girl, I used to go grow veg with my mum in my grandmother’s garden. Years later, when I moved to a different city to go to university and decided to go vegetarian, my passion for nature doubled. When I moved to Manchester and was offered a plot at a nearby allotment site (it actually took me five years to get it) and started growing my own fruit and veg, my passion tripled. And then the pandemic began. I spent much more time at the allotment but also at home. All life stopped – all you had was your home and some ‘me time’ in the park or an allotment, like in my case. That was when I realised that my love for plants, animals and nature wasn’t a temporary thing, and Agaplantus was born.


All About Agaplantus

Agaplantus offers a wide range of products and services. It is a home for a wide range of home grown houseplants and seasonal outdoor plants as well as plant related accessories such as watering cans, pots, compost and others. It also offers books on the subjects of plants and plant themed artwork from local UK artists.


Agaplantus focuses on sustainability and ensures the items sold in the shop have a minimal carbon footprint and impact on the Planet Earth. The books we sell in the shop are pre-owned in perfect condition (those that are in ‘good’ condition will be listed as such in the item’s description) that would have otherwise gone to the landfill and all artwork and accessories are made in the UK and support local artists and makers. We DO NOT import stuff from China and reuse packaging whenever possible (unless it’s a plant post service you use or ask for brand new packaging).

Connecting People to Plants

We help connect people with plants and make sure they fit well together! Whether it’s an interiorscaping service that you require or help with your existing plants that don’t seem to do too well, we are happy to offer our advice and will do our best to match you to with the right plants that you have the conditions for.

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